What Are the Main Benefits of Screened Enclosures and How to Maintain Them?

Screened enclosures as the name suggests are enclosures made out of glass which help enclose your patio, deck or even your personal swimming pool. The screened enclosures will help prevent the dust, dirt, pollution, etc. from entering your patios, decks and your swimming pools. In fact, the enclosures will also make sure that you can perform your daily functions of reading eating, swimming at all possible times. Whether it is a hot sunny summer afternoon, a thunderstorm outside or even it is snowy outside,screened enclosures are functional to provide you a good experience, no matter what the time.

At the Envy Home Services all kinds of screened enclosures are provided and built to specifically suit your needs. We provide you the best screened enclosures to choose from, with multiple color choices and durable enamel finish, they are going to give you the maximum satisfaction levels. The most prominent feature of our service is the 15 year warranty we provide to back your choice if screened enclosure. To top all of this, we also give you multiple financing options because we know how much worth your money is to you but at the same time how much your comfort means to you as well.

The screened enclosure installed by our team of professionals can give your home, deck, porch, patio and swimming pools an enhanced transformation to the dream home you have always wanted. Thus, screened enclosures are very simple changes in the modelling of your homes that can provide the extra aesthetics and comfort that you have always wanted.

There are many that come along with the installation of screened enclosure for your homes.

  1. It can stop insects and mosquitoes from entering inside your premises. Outdoor dining can now be bug and insect free.
  2. Screened enclosures on a poolside can keep dried out leaves, other plant debris and bugs away from your swimming pool.
  3. Certain areas have the risks of animals like snakes and other huge reptiles entering people’s homes. Screened enclosures make sure that such threats are prevented from entering your premises.
  4. The main benefit of screened enclosure is that it can give you all the natural light without having to open your windows and letting the dirt, pollution and bugs in.
  5. It gives you the maximum pleasure of enjoying the outdoor lifestyle and makes your outdoor/ patio furniture last longer.
  6. The major benefit that can be derived from screened enclosures is that they can help prevent skin diseases and cancer by saving you from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  7. Apart from all this, screened enclosures add up aesthetically pleasing features to your home.

Contact our team of professionals to get yourself your own screened enclosure and enjoy the benefits of living the outdoor lifestyle with peace and class.
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